Plaana is experienced urban planning and landscape design and environmental planning unit and part of nationwide design and consultancy company AINS Group

We offer a wide range of transport planning, municipal engineering, landscape design and environmental planning, project management and R&D. Our staff consists of 34 highly motivated professionals.

Transport planning

  • Planning, development and analysis of transportation policies (programmes and strategies)
  • Multimodal transportation systems
  • Traffic safety
  • Vehicle traffic
  • Pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  • Accessibility
  • Parking
  • Traffic management and control

Transport planning of urban and rural areas

  • General transportation planning
  • Traffic engineering
  • Recreational routes and sports areas
  • General planning of traffic environments
  • Planning of urban and built-up areas

Road and highway design

  • Preliminary planning of streets and roads
  • Road and construction planning
  • Terminals, parking areas

Landscape design and environmental planning

  • Urban and traffic environments
  • Parks, playgrounds and recreational areas
  • Landscape management
  • Supervision of construction and management of environments

Project management

  • Preparation of contracts in road maintenance, road management and road construction
  • Preparation of planning assignments
  • Project management services
  • Construction project management
  • Supervision of construction

Research and development

  • We take part in varying research and development projects in transport issues.

Plaana Ltd. offers its clients first-class services and products. We have high work ethics, involving effective communication, efficient resource management and a thorough approach. Our quality system has been approved by Finnish RAKLI-SKOL-ATL (Construction quality association).

Our office is located in Oulu:

Plaana Ltd
Mailing address: Tyrnäväntie 12.
Street address: Tyrnävänperä 6, 90400 Oulu

contact person: Päivi Annamaa
mobile +358 40 8278 608
fax +358 207 999 749